Jomese Siamese are Siamese Cat Breeders based in Cheltenham, UK.

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Jomese Siamese are very proud to be the home to the Supreme Best of Variety kittens in 2004 & 2005 and also the Supreme Best of Variety Siamese Neuter 2012.

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My name is Joan Pounds and I live in Cheltenham, in the beautiful Cotswolds, with my husband, 2 whippets and my Siamese and Oriental cats.

We are only 10 minutes from the M5 and reasonably close to the M4 and M40.

I have owned Siamese since 2002 and more recently dabbled in Orientals too.

As a child I travelled to and lived in many places, both in the U.K. and abroad, as my father was in the forces. Despite the fact that I loved animals, my parents were unwilling to commit themselves to a pet, given their frequent moves.

I met my husband in Cheltenham when I arrived here to attend teacher training college and when we married two years later, almost our first acquisition was a cat!

After having our three sons, who are now grown up and have left home, I became very involved with Cats Protection and was the Branch Co-Ordinator for several years. As you can imagine several rescue cats never left and it was one of these who sparked my love of Siamese and Oriental cats.

jomese siamese

Imperial Grand Premier Jomese the Joker

One cold and frosty night I was called out to cat who had been seen sitting on a high wall for 2 days without moving and the caller was concerned that he might be injured. The cat turned out to be (although I didn’t know it at the time) a very, very elderly Oriental who had little sight, a dodgy heart and arthritis. Some callous soul must have dumped him on the top of the wall and just left him there. After extensive veterinary care poor old Honky (so named because of his strange miaow) came to live with me. He was such a dignified, gentle old cat and gave me the great pleasure of his company for 18 months before he slipped away.

I bought my first Siamese in 2002 and started breeding in 2004. I caught the showing bug and was lucky to win Best of Variety Adult, Kitten (twice) and Neuter at the Supreme Show during my showing career. Many of my cats went on to become Champions, Grand Champions, Imperial Grand Champions and to win Best in Show - but the best times of all are those sitting at home with a lap full of gorgeous cats and watching our babies being born and growing up.

I am a full judge of Siamese and Balinese cats and a Probationer judge of Orientals. I sit on several cat club committees and have been the Show Manager of several cat shows.

I currently own 2 wonderful Siamese boys who stand at stud to visiting girls. Both GR CH Caspa Catbaloo (blue point) and CH Thaistar Trailblazer (seal point) are gentle, loving boys. They have large, airy outdoor pens from where they can watch all that goes on in the house and the birds and squirrels that visit the garden. Both boys have outstanding temperaments which they pass on to their offspring and have very high success rates. All visiting girls must be FIV/FELV tested 24 hours before arrival.

I occasionally have kittens for sale. All my kittens are born in my bedroom and come downstairs at around 4 weeks old. I spend a great deal of time with the babies and they grow up as very well socialised little cats - used to all the household noises, being handled and played with and cuddled, not to mention being washed by two maternal whippets. If you buy a Jomese kitten you will -:

Receive a 5 generation pedigree

Your kitten will be GCCF registered

Your kitten will come with:

A full set of vaccinations

It will have been wormed three times at 4, 8 and 12 weeks

It will have had two health checks

It will be very used to being handled, put into a travel basket and have travelled short distances by car

It will come with advice sheets on feeding, what to expect from a new kitten and a list of the worming treatments, vaccinations and any other treatment it has had

Food samples

Comfort blanket

Lifetime support and advice.

My aim as a breeder is to produce healthy, confident, well grown kittens which have been very well socialised and which will become well adjusted, loving cats who will become an integral part of their new family.

I am a long established, ethical and caring breeder. My kittens do not leave home until they are at least 13 weeks old and sometimes older. They will have been brought up indoors on the best and most appropriate  food, will never have been caged and will have had any veterinary  care that they have needed plus all appropriate vaccinations and worming. I love my babies and I care about the homes they go to. 

There are many fly by night breeders out there who will sell you a cheaper kitten at a younger age.

These kittens are often not wormed or vaccinated or are too young to leave home. Many are unsocialised and will not have received medical care when and if required.

I hope you enjoy looking at my web site and seeing all my lovely cats.

Please feel free to contact me by phone on 01242 584160 or by email

I am not on Facebook.


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