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Jomese Siamese are very proud to be the home to the Supreme Best of Variety kittens in 2004 & 2005 and also the Supreme Best of Variety Siamese Neuter 2012.

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My name is Joan Pounds and I live on the edge of Cheltenham in the beautiful Cotswolds, together with my husband and three teenage sons. I show and breed Siamese Cats and I am a newly promoted full judge of Siamese. I am also the Secretary of the Siamese Cat Society of the British Empire and the Blue Point Siamese Cat Club and on the committee of the Caramel and Apricot Foundation and the Tabby Pointed Siamese Cat Club. I am also the Show Manager for the Three Shows @ Bracknell, the Midshires Siamese Cat Association and the Tabby Point & Progressive Breeders Cat Club Show.

For many years I was involved in and ultimately the co-ordinator of Cheltenham Cats Protection. I care very deeply about cat welfare issues and would do anything I could to alleviate the suffering that many cats are subject to – particularly in the feral and stray populations. I had long promised myself that when I eventually scaled down my CP work and I had more time, I would realise my long held ambition to own a Siamese Cat.

In 2002 I was lucky enough to be able to purchase my first and very much loved Siamese from Celia Simpson – Shermese Reachforastar. Star was a Seal Tabby Point male and through him I caught the showing bug and became hooked on Siamese. Sadly Star became ill and passed away aged just 2 years old.

Before Star died and after a long search, I found two breeders who were willing to give a first time breeder a chance and the Lilac Tortie, Khancoban Starburst and Seal Tortie, Sunsational Anastasia came to live with us. Sadly, Etoile the Lilac Tortie was never able to have kittens and was neutered, but Anna the Seal Tortie, became my foundation queen.

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Imperial Grand Premier Jomese the Joker

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Ch Sunsational Anastasia

Ch Sunsational Anastasia has now had 9 litters, totalling 35 kittens, most of which she has raised and passed on her wonderful temperament to. She is the mother of numerous Champions, Premiers, Grand, Imperial & Best in Show winners. Her grand-daughter CH &PR Jomese Jenni-Igotbluspots was the 2012 Best of Variety Siamese Neuter winner at the Supreme Cat Show. Her “husband” was Lynn Studer’s magnificent Gr Ch Johpas Trickortreat and I cannot thank Lynn enough for all her help and advice over the years.

Thanks must also go to Barbara Summers who had enough faith in me to allow me one of her very precious kittens, Tikindi Infinitesse. Tess subsequently became Best of Variety Siamese Kitten at the Supreme in 2004 and then mother to a beautiful litter of kittens to Gr Ch Johpas Galileo.

This litter produced Imp Gr Pr Jomese Jackthelad, who was Best of Variety Siamese kitten at the Supreme 2005, and Ch & Pr Jomese Jeanie Blueyes. Devastatingly, and just one week after winning her adult class at the 2005 Supreme Show, Tess died suddenly and completely unexpectedly from a closed pyometra. Her only daughter Jeanie Blueyes, had 2 traumatic caesarean's, producing the handsome Jomese Jingle Bells (male), a Blue Point pet quality male kitten, a Blue Point female kitten who did not survive, and a little Lilac girl who died, age 5 months, with a liver shunt. Jeanie was then neutered and my very lovely blue line ceased to be.


All my cats and kittens live in the house and are part of the family. The kittens start life in my bedroom, which is 3 floors up and very peaceful, and come downstairs at about 4 weeks of age. They gradually learn to mix with the other cats and become used to the noise and bustle of a busy household. As you can imagine they are well handled by my sons and their friends and leave us at 13 weeks old as very confident and affectionate young cats.

I do not sell kittens on the active register unless I am selling to personal friends or people I have come to know and trust. I prefer my kittens to go to indoor homes, unless new owners can satisfy me that their gardens are safe and escape proof. Or they live far from any roads.

All my kittens go to their new homes with a guarantee that I will either take them back if anything goes wrong at any time in their life or I will assist in finding them a new home. I am always there to lend an ear or give advice if required.

2013 has been a very sad and difficult year for Jomese Siamese. Our run of bad luck began in October 2012 when we lost Anna and then continued into this year when we lost Jenuinely Gorjus, Jenni-lotsaspots, Sleepy Jean and our lovely boy Sarnau Red Ikulus. Gorjus and Lotsaspots both died from lymphoma (different types), this being the first time that this horrible disease has struck at my cats. Sleepy Jean had suffered from tummy problems since she was a young kitten and had had every test in the book to try to resolve her problems. Sadly she became very ill very suddenly and we were left with no option but to have her put to sleep. Sarnau Red Ikulus (Freddie) was, we believe, poisoned at a cat show and as a result suffered severe damage to his liver, which eventually led to us losing him. To top it off we also had to have our 13 year old Golden retriever put to sleep at the beginning of January when she was diagnosed with a very aggressive tumour behind her eye. Daisy had helped to raise many kittens over the years, even suckling those who needed a bit of comfort!

Hopefully 2014 will be a better year. On the web site you will see some new faces, including 2 of Anna’s great grand-daughters and a daughter of Jomese Just-Delicious who is also an Anna great grand-daughter. Appearing also for the first time is our new stud boy to be, Thaistar Trailblazer, who is the son of Freddie and a daughter of Debikat Blue Surprise. We are having to start all over again with our breeding but are very fortunate in that we have been able to pick up the Jomese lines again from some very kind friends to whom we have sold kittens in the past.

Many of my cats can be seen at GCCF shows or on the Jomese Siamese web site.

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