Jomese Siamese are Siamese Cat Breeders based in Cheltenham, UK.

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Jomese Siamese Gallery

Living in a family environment, our cats relax in comfort! All our cats, be they moggy or pedigree are equally loved and cared for.

Having worked for many years in cat rescue, our Siamese live alongside but do not mix with, our remaining rescue cats


IGRCH & GRPR Jomese Jenny Manydots

IGRCH Jomese Sassy Jassy
apricot siamese male cat
Imperial Grand Premier Jomese the Joker (Eric)
seal point siamese cat
Grand Premier Jomese Just-William
& Imperial Grand Master Cat Billy Pinkpaws (Billy)

seal tortie point siamese cat

IGRCH&GRPR Jomese Jenny Manydots (Dottie)
Buddys Blithe Spirit 32 3  (Ellie)

Photo courtesy of Siamese Cat Breeder

Debikat Blue Surprise 24a (Yarmy)
Adelfam Blue Fuschia 24a (Foo)

Photo courtesy of Karen Holder and Siamese Cat Breeder

Jomese Just-Wicked aka Igloo

chocolate point siamese cat

Ch Jomese Just Delicious

Photo courtesy of Clare Whitby and Oriental Cat Breeder

Jomese Just Delicious

Jomese Just Delicious

Bertie Quin - possibly the naughtiest Siamese ever

Jomese Jaffaar, now called Dhamma - with canine friend!

premier jomese mumbo jumbo seal tabby point siamese

Premier Jomese Mumbo Jumbo

Seal Tabby Point Siamese

Percy & Pandora with their new owners Diana ,Franz and family.

Percy & Pandora with their new owners Diana ,Franz and family

Percy & Pandora with Jo

Skye , happily settled with Sharon

Percy & Pandora enjoying a walk in the snow

BeBe on his first journey outside

Sylvie - now settling down with Lyn in London

Pr Jomese Jingle Bells (Jinky) very much loved by Julie-Anne & Richard

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