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Jomese Siamese In Memoriam


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CH & IMP GR PR Jomese Jenni-Igotbluspots (Jess)

Born: 2.11.10

Sire: Bernbecks Masterpiece x Dam: Imp Gr Ch Jomese Jenny Manydots

Jess is a Blue Tortie Point Siamese

Supreme Best of Variety Siamese Neuter 2012.

Jess is the latest addition to our "Tortie Gang". She was born on 2nd November 2010 and is a Blue Tortie Point Siamese (32b2). She is the daughter of Gr Ch Jomese Jenny Manydots (Dottie) and Bernbecks Masterpiece and the half sister of Jomese Jenni Lotsaspots (Lottie).

She is only the second Blue Tortie Point that I have ever bred. Strangely the other one (Jomese Jesuis Unpeubleu) was the mother of my lovely Adnoiam Just About Jomese (Jess) who sadly had to be put to sleep aged just 18 months just as Jess was born. I think Jess is going to be very lovely. She has a shorter, wider face, much like Lottie and large ears that are well set with good width between. She also has lovely eyes that are deep blue and almond shaped. Jess is quite a character and very loving. Sadly Jess recently had to be neutered. She was 4 weeks pregnant at the time with Freddie's first babies when she became very ill with a pyometra. We very nearly lost her and I am so thankful that she pulled through. Since being neutered Jess has come on in leaps and bounds and now mothers any kittens she can get hold of - aided and abetted by her daughter Min.

I think Jess is very lovely and is probably the best cat I have ever bred.

Since being neutered Jess has done very well on the show bench, being overall Best in Show Siamese at 2 out of 3 of her shows to date and Best in Show Siamese Neuter at 4 out of 5. She also won her breed class at the Supreme 2012, plus Best of Breed and then went on to become Supreme Best of Variety Siamese Neuter 2012.

Huge congratulations to Jess on gaining her Imperial Grand Premier title in 5 straight shows in just 7 weeks and gaining 2 BIS titles along the way.

It is with enormous sorrow that I have to let you know that my very beautiful and very special blue tortie girl, CH & IGRPR Jomese Jenni-Igotbluspots passed away on 25th May 2015 peacefully in her sleep aged just four years old. Jess became ill the previous Thursday and was admitted to the vets where she was diagnosed with acute renal failure. We were warned that she was critically ill but were so pleased when her blood results on Sunday showed that she was responding to treatment. Sadly she passed away in the early hours of Monday morning.

Jess had a wonderful show career, winning numerous Best in Show awards, best of Variety Siamese Neuter at the Supreme and 5 Olympian certificates - the last just a couple of weeks before she died. She was a truly beautiful and very gentle cat. More than this she was my special cat, my soul mate and she has departed this life far, far too soon.
She will be missed so very much.

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Mylynn Mesmerise

Mylynn Mesmerise was bred by my good friend Lynne Studer and came me as a mate for my lovely Freddie. Milly luckily became pregnant by Freddie not that long before we lost him and was his last girlfriend. Between them, Milly and Freddie had four beautiful babies.

Very sadly she died in August 2014 from acute pancreatitis, leaving 4 three week old kittens which she was still feeding and looking after until her sudden collapse. She was a lovely gentle girl who just lived to be a mum and who is sorely missed.

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Jomese Sleepy-Jean 32b4

My beautiful Jeanie was a very special girl to me. From the time she was a young kitten I was irresistibly drawn to her, despite her having a very lovely blue tortie sister, Jomese Sassy Jassy.  I always felt that Jeanie had the potential as an adult to be even better than her sister with the added bonus of one of the loveliest temperaments you could ever wish to meet. Sadly from her earliest days, Jeanie suffered from tummy problems. She spent a great deal of time at the vets and had numerous procedures and tests and treatments, but no cause was ever found. I was more than happy just to have her as a much loved pet but it was not to be and Jeanie was devastatingly put to sleep just after I lost Freddie, having become suddenly very ill and in horrible pain from complications with her tummy. I miss her terribly and still feel so guilty that I couldn't make her better.

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Daisy was put to sleep at home at the beginning of January 2014. Daisy was diagnosed in October 2013 as having a tumour behind her eye. Sadly it turned out to be an aggressive form of cancer which gradually invaded her nasal cavity, brain and mouth.
When Daisy started to refuse her favourite biscuits because it clearly hurt her to eat, we knew the time had come. Daisy was happy to see her vet and vet nurse who she knew well and was completely relaxed. Her five cat friends remained, by choice, in the room with her, and her very best friend, Ruby, insisted on staying right next to her, until the end, when she sniffed Daisy's face all over and then walked across to join the others.

Daisy was the kindest and gentlest dog you could ever hope to meet. She was no Einstein but she was a very faithful friend and the house is very empty without her.

Daisy was 13 years old when she had to be put to sleep.

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Page updated 13/1/2014

Very sadly I have to let all of those of you who knew or met my lovely Freddie either at shows or when you came to stud, that he had to be put to sleep, aged just 2 years old, after he was, we believe, poisoned at a show. He became very ill following the show and tests showed that he had suffered severe liver damage. Although he did rally for a while following treatment, he sadly went downhill again very quickly.

Freddie was the sweetest natured of cats and despite being entire was always a pleasure to handle and to own. He was patient and gentle with his "wives" and leaves some beautiful offspring to remember him by. He also had a very successful show career, needing only two more Imperials to become an IGRCH. Most of all he was just our Freddie - a very dearly loved and never to be forgotten member of our family. I do hope that the person responsible for his death has enough of a conscience to have some regret for what they did.


Jomese Siamese are very thrilled to welcome Freddie (Sarnau Red Ikulus) to our home.

Freddie is the son of GRCH Jomese Just-Delicious and Sarnau Sunnyintervals and is a red point Siamese (32a). He is from one of Del's first litters and has the same wonderful temperament as his father. He is a lovely big boy with endless energy.

We now have Freddie's first 3 babies at home - 3 tortie girls! – The blue tortie kitten, Jomese Sassy Jassy, recently attended her first show where, aged just over 14 weeks, she had a red card day and was Best in Show Siamese kitten.

Freddie is siring beautiful babies, many of which have show potential. Look out for news of Yarmy’s four stunning babies in the near future!

So far Freddie has a 100% record of getting his girls pregnant and is a gentle but firm boy.

Freddie has bright, fiery red points and is extremely handsome and very correct. He has an illustrious pedigree and has a superb show record - having had a red card day each time shown.

Enormous and very grateful thanks go to my good friend John for letting me have this very handsome boy.

red point siamese stud cat

GR CH SARNAU RED IKULUS (1 Imperial) (Freddie)
Born: 04.09.11.

Sire: Gr Ch Jomese Just-Delicious x Dam: Sarnau Sunnyintervals

Freddie is a Red Point Siamese

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red point siamese girl

Grand Champion & Imperial Grand Premier Jomese Jenuinely Gorjus (Georgie)

Georgie has now retired from the show bench.

Born: 04.05.06
Sire: Gr Ch Johpas Trickortreat x Dam: Ch Sunsational Anastasia

GRCH & IGRPR Jomese Jenuinely Gorjus was sadly put to sleep on 23rd September 2013 aged 7, following very sudden acute renal failure. Georgie was the most unassuming and gentle of cats who was always the peace maker in the house. She lived all her life with her mother CH Sunsational Anastasia and her neutered brothers IGRPR Jomese Just - William & IGRPR Jomese The Joker. Although so gentle, she was definitely the boss after her mother died and ruled her brothers with an iron fist in a velvet glove. Until 2 weeks before her death, Georgie looked the picture of health and was lively and happy as always. We miss her greatly, as do "the boys". RIP George.


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Lottie is Dottie's daughter and is, like her mum, very beautiful, She has huge ears and a wonderfully laid back temperament. Lottie has just gained her Champion title and has won two Best in Show Siamese Adult awards.

As a baby she was very odd looking but there was always just something about her......

Lottie has now retired from the show bench for the time being to have, we hope, her first litter of kittens and to give her time to mature.

Sadly Lottie has now had to be neutered and is living happily with her mum, Jomese Jenny Manydots.

My very gorgeous Lottie sadly had to be put to sleep on 12th August, following an 8 month battle with cancer. She was initially diagnosed with thymic lymphoma just before Christmas 2012 and underwent a 6 month course of chemotherapy. I was amazed at how well she tolerated her treatment and how well she was in herself. In June she was given the all clear and we all rejoiced. Not once during her treatment did she as much as hiss at anyone and all her vets loved her dearly. Sadly in the space of three days in August we noticed first a half shut eye, then a head tilt and then her balance going. An MRI scan showed that the cancer had returned in her brain this time. I brought her home and she spent a wonderfully warm and sunny afternoon sunbathing on a blanket in the outdoor pen with her mum Jenny Manydots and Freddie. Freddie curled himself around her and didn't leave her side. She was put to sleep in my arms the following morning. Sleep well, brave girl.

seal tortie point siamese

Ch Jomese Jenni Lotsaspots (Lottie)

29.01.10 to 12.08.08.

Sire: Imp UK Gr Ch Mylynn Montoya x Dam: Gr Ch Jomese Jenny Manydots

Lottie is a Seal Tortie Point Siamese


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seal tortie point siamese
Champion Sunsational Anastasia (Anna)

Born: 06.06.03

Sire: Gr Ch Bluecroft Beautiful Being x Dam: Gr Ch & Pr Pashtan Bubbles

Anna is a Seal Tortie Point Siamese

Anna has recently been neutered after giving birth to 9 litters of kittens and being a wonderful mum. Very sadly we lost her one and only kitten in her last litter and very, very nearly lost Anna too, when she had an internal haemorrhage and had to have a blood transfusion and operation. Anna is now very happily retired and she and her very best friend and daughter Georgie spend their days sunbathing in the conservatory.

As a kitten Anna won 2 of her 3 Open classes.

She gained her Champion title in 3 straight shows and has 1 Grand Certificate and 2 Reserve Grands.

All this between raising 5 litters of kittens, One of 5 , one of 4 ,one of 8 and two of 9 some of her kittens who can be seen on the Show Bench are Imp Gr Ch Jomese Jenny Manydots, Imp Gr Pr Jomese The Joker, Gr Pr Jomese Just-William.(aka IGRMC Billy Pinkpaws) and Gr Ch & Gr Pr Jomese Just Gorgeous.

Anna is a real lap cat and is very playful. It has to be said that when she was younger she was a bit of a naughty tortie!

Many of her other kittens are much loved pets and their owners have often commented on how friendly and confident they are – walking into their new homes and taking over.

Anna's life long partner has been Gr Ch Johpas Trickortreat with whom she had some stunning babies. Sadly Rufus died earlier this year and our heartfelt commiserations go to his owner, Lynne Studer. He will never be forgotten.

Sadly our lovely and much loved Anna was put to sleep in my arms on 12th October 2012. She had been taken ill very suddenly the previous week with acute pancreatitis and then gone on to suffer from kidney failure. Despite the very best efforts of my vet, it became obvious that Anna was not going to recover, and I took the devastating decision to have her put to sleep whilst she still had her dignity and before she deteriorated any further. She was happy and purring in my arms and it was, I think, the most difficult thing I have ever had to do. Anna had always been “top cat” and ruled her children with an iron fist in a velvet glove. She would have hated to be unable to carry on as she had lived. Her three adult children that she lived with – Billy, Eric & Georgie are quite lost without her to organise them. If I had known when I bought Anna what I know now, I probably would never have considered buying her as she was not the typist of Siamese. What a mistake that would have been. I could not have had a better companion, breeding queen or pet. She has left a wonderful legacy behind her and will certainly never be forgotten. RIP my lovely girl.


jomese siamese cat breeders

Imperial Grand Premier Jomese Jackthelad 24a.
07.04.05 to 23.08.11

Jack was sadly put to sleep on 23rd August 2011, at the age of just 6. He had been ill for 12 or so months, having been diagnosed with inflammatory bowel syndrome and having spent several spells in and out of Langford Vet Hospital.
Jack had good spells and bad spells and it was during a bad spell when he had lost a great deal of weight that I found him one morning in obvious pain. A trip to the vet suggested that he had twisted his bowel and both my vet and myself decided that he didn’t have the strength to undergo further surgery and he had suffered enough.

Jack was a very special cat – a once in a lifetime cat. Not only was he very beautiful but he had the gentlest of temperaments and eyes that you could drown in. I feel completely and utterly bereft without him.

Jack was described by more than one judge as probably the best coloured blue point on the show bench for many years. He was a star from the very beginning, winning Best of Variety kitten at the Supreme in 2005 and going on to become Royal Canin Top Siamese Exhibit in 2006 & 2007.

During his show career he won 17 Best in Show titles and gained his Imperial title at just past 2 years old.

Jack was the very first Blue Point Siamese to win an Imperial title.



blue point siamese neuter

Imperial Grand Premier Jomese Jackthelad (Jack)

Supreme Best of Variety Kitten 2005
Royal Canin Top Siamese Exhibit 2006 and 2007
Supreme BOV Kitten 2005 and now an Imperial Grand Premier - the first and only (to date) Blue Point Siamese Imperial Grand Premier.

Born: 07.04.05
Sire: Gr Ch Johpas Galileo x Dam: Tikindi Infinitesse


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08.10.10 to 15.02.12
Ch Samandjon Bessie Blueshoes 24a (Bess)

Photo courtesy of Karen Holder and Siamese Cat Breeder

Very sadly Bess died of a massive stroke following surgery to remove a tumour at the base of her brain. We all miss her gentle presence so much and her death was a terrible shock as she seemed to have recovered well after surgery.

jomese siamese cat breeders

red point male siamese
Jomese Jiminy Cricket (Jimmy)

Born: 17.07.09
Sire: Mylynn Maguire x Dam: Grand Champion & Premier Jomese Jenuinely Gorjus

Jimmy was the kitten who never left. Due to my serious health problems at the time he was born, Jimmy never got sold. He was a most lovable and very intelligent cat, who wore a permantly worried look on his face. He could be very naughty and loved to play and chase. He was the only kitten kitten that Georgie ever raised and it was a miracle that he survived a very rocky entrance to this world.
Sadly Jimmy was also diagnosed as having irritable bowel syndrome and in latter months he and Jack lived together as they both had to have a special diet. On sunny days they used to love to sunbathe in the garden and at night they curled up together in their heated bed.
Unbelievably, the day after Jack died I noticed that Jimmy seemed very unwell and uncomfortable and was devastated to discover at the vets that he appeared to have a blockage in his bowel. Due to his weakened state and long illness it was decided that it would be very unkind to subject him to major surgery and the decision was taken to put him to sleep.
Friends in life, they died almost together.
Losing one cat was hard enough, but to lose two in two days was undescribably hard.

Rest in peace, my lovely boys.

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Mikey – Some of you will know that I have a little colony of semi feral cats that live in my garden. They were all originally feral kittens that were too old when brought into Cats Protection to turn around into pets. They had complete freedom to come and go as they pleased but had their own heated shed with heated beds and a constant food supply.
It would be fair to say that as time crept on they were only true ferals in warm weather and in cold or wet weather were usually to be found in the warmth!
Mikey was born to a feral mum but had cerebellar hyperplasia and was left behind in a walled garden when mum left with the other kittens.
He was extremely wobbly and frequently fell over, but ran better than he walked. Mikey had no inkling that he was not completely normal and was a happy and active little cat who never had a day’s illness in his life. He could not live in the house as he could not balance on a litter tray and had to lie down to wee. Mikey loved his food and was always first at the plate. The other cats would often catch birds and mice and bring them back for Mikey to eat. They would sit back and let Mikey eat his fill before they would touch the food.
Everyone who met Mikey (with the exception of a neighbour who thought it a disgrace that he had been allowed to live) loved him.
He was a very happy cat who seemed to love his life.
Sadly , overnight on 13th September 2011, and aged somewhere between 9 and 10 years old, Mikey suffered a stroke from which he couldn’t recover.

Our garden feels very empty without him and we all miss him terribly.

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