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Jake's Story

Jake was born on 30.11.09 to Willow. He is a Red Tabby Point Siamese kitten and has a sister called Jelly who is also a Red Tabby Point.

When Jake was born he seemed to be a perfectly normal kitten of 110grms. He fed well and grew quickly. We didn’t notice anything odd about him until he started to move around and we realised that he couldn’t bear any weight on his left front foot and was using the first joint to balance on.

Siamese Kitten Photo

At 4 weeks old I took Jake to the vet and she suggested that we try splinting the leg to see if we could straighten it. Jake subsequently came home with a large plaster cast on his leg and bless his heart, despite the cumbersomeness of it, carried on with life.

A week later, aged 5 weeks, Jake had his plaster removed. The vet was a little concerned about his leg as it seemed to have lost tone, but it was decided to put on a plaster without a splint this time.

The following day I was rushed into hospital as an emergency and discharged 5 days later. My husband reported that Jake seemed fine, if fed up with his restricted movement. When I arrived home on Friday night Jake seemed fine, as he did on Saturday morning.

By Saturday lunchtime he seemed not quite himself but nothing obvious. Midway through Saturday evening Jake started meowing piteously. I tried all the obvious – food, water, litter tray – but he was still crying. I decided that the only thing left was that he was in discomfort under his plaster and decided to cut the plaster off.

As the plaster came off I began to feel really sick as copious amounts of pus were revealed and it was obvious that Jake’s little foot had died and started to decompose. By this time it was nearly 8pm and I was frantic as I didn’t want to take him to Out of Hours vet, as I felt that they might just want to put him straight to sleep.
Hating to do it, but desperately wanting Jake’s own vet to see him, I knocked on my vet’s front door, thinking if she said no, I would just have to go to the OOH Vet. I shall thank Alison for ever more as she opened up the surgery specially and looked at him for me. It was decided that the leg would have to come off ASAP on Monday morning and meanwhile Jake was given long lasting pain killers and antibiotics. I was warned that at his tender age of 6 weeks there was a high chance that he would not survive the surgery. At home, Jake slept solidly in my arms for 2 hours and then got up and started playing with the other kittens!
Siamese Kitten Photo
Come Monday morning I left Jake at the vets with instructions to ring mid afternoon, unless they rang me before. It was a very long day. I rang the vets at about 3pm and was so elated to be told that not only had Jake survived the op but he was sitting up and eating!

Jake came home the following day and didn’t look back. He quickly learned to balance on 3 legs and to use his kitten tray – although he couldn’t work out how to cover up what he had done and his little shoulder waggled non stop as he tried to use his non existent leg!

10th Feb 09 – Jake is doing brilliantly! He can now run and jump and chase as well as the other bigger and 3 week older kittens. He uses a proper adult litter tray at his choice and now sits on his haunches to scratch the litter with his good leg. He can jump up on to all the chairs and settees and balances along the backs.

At first he found it hard to protect himself when the kittens play fought, but he has now worked out that he can either sit on his haunches to free his good leg or roll immediately on his back – again to free his good leg. He now gives as good as he gets!

24th Feb 09 – Jake seems off colour today and doesn’t want to eat which is unheard of.

8pm – Jake is listless but cannot stay still. He looks really uncomfortable and is constantly drinking. He feels cold and twice makes a funny grinding noise before trying to be sick. Warning bells ring and I begin to think that he possibly has an intussusception. I ring my friend Lynne and she agrees that it sounds as though this could be the problem.

The OOH Vet tells me to bring Jake straight down and on examination he does indeed have an intussusception. Poor little Jake is again admitted, initially for fluids and pain killers to stabilise him.

At 11.30 the vet rings to tell me that they are happy he is stable enough to operate on and they will phone when they have finished the op which could be 2 to 3 hours.

At 1am the phone rings. I am very worried as I answer as it is not long since they phoned previously and I think the worst. Unbelievably Jake has survived a second major op at just 12 weeks old. Thankfully we had caught the intussusception early and the vet does not have to cut any bowel out but is able to free the portion that has telescoped. Jake is awake and recovering.

25th Feb 09 – I collect Jake from the OOH Vets and take him back to my own vet. He is still on a drip and on painkillers, but seems bright and meows the whole way there.

My vets cannot believe it is Jake back again!

5pm – Jake is eating and has poo’ed and wee’d. He seems bright and is purring non stop. He is still on a drip and his temperature is back to normal. Poor Jake is now more shaved than coated!! He might be able to come home tomorrow.

26th Feb 09, 9am – Jake has had a good night and is eating his breakfast. He is still on his drip but that should come down this morning. I have to ring back at 5pm to see if he can come home.

Jake is home!!!
Siamese Kitten Photo

We have set up the kitten pen in the lounge for him on the vet’s advice, as it’s important that he is not rough housed by the other kittens. He also has an oil filled radiator next to the pen and a heat pad as he is finding it difficult to maintain his body temperature and must stay in a constant heat.

27th Feb 09 – Jake is doing well, although he seems very tired and lethargic. The vet says that because he has already had one major op and has to expand extra energy to learn to move around on 3 legs, his recovery will be slower than a kitten that has only had an intussusception.

Jake is eating well (Hills ID) and purring for all he’s worth. He comes out of his pen when I’m in the room, but I have to be careful, as I mustn’t let him jump up onto the settee yet. He is very pleased to find his scratchpost again. Big news – we have lovely solid poos!

3rd March 09 – Jake is definitely on the mend. His stitches don’t seem to worry him at all and he now moves confidently around the room and even attempts to play a little. He is still not as active as his sister and needs to rest frequently. However he is alert and responsive and watching everything that goes on. Jake is back on kitten Whiskas and eating with the others.

Our matriarch, Anna and her daughter Georgie have decided that Jake needs looking after – and whoever his mum is doesn’t keep him clean enough! Anna spends a lot of time cleaning and grooming Jake and he loves her to pieces. Georgie is also allowed to wash him – but only if Anna says so. I caught the 3 of them lying with our Golden Retriever, Daisy – Jake was curled up on her back and Anna and Georgie curled up between her legs. The look on Daisy’s face said that she didn’t dare move and she knew what a great responsibility it was!

6th March 09 – I left Jake for 10 minutes in the lounge and couldn’t find him when I returned. After a hunt I found him. He must have slipped off the back of the settee and his head had gone down between the edge of the radiator (always switched off, thank God) behind the settee and the edge of the corner cabinet. He was caught by his head, as the space was too small for him to get out and was just sat patiently waiting! I had to lift him up past the top of the radiator to free him. Thankfully he appears unharmed, although I was worried that he may have twisted his tummy. I suspect that Jake is one accident prone little cat!
30th March 09 - Jake is finally recovered enough to start playing like a normal kitten of his age. He loves his pipecleaners and plays by holding them between his good foot and his stump and then tossing them around. He is increasingly using his foot and his stump together to do things and can run just as fast as anyone else! Jake has started to put weight on and is definitely growing. The hair on all his shaved parts has finally started to grow and he is just such a pleasure to have around. He is everyone's baby and takes it as his right that everyone will cuddle him. Even my husband loves him! He has been adopted by Anna and Georgie well and truly and the pair of them have a new lease of life, spending hours playing with him and washing him. The photo is of Jake sitting on his special armchair!
Siamese Kitten Photo

I bumped into Jake's mum & dad at the vets today and was thrilled to hear how well he is getting on. He is quite a character by all accounts and gets on very well with his lady friend, Joy. He does everything that other cats do and is a happy, healthy and best of all NORMAL little cat. Very many thanks to Andi and Sheena who have given him such wonderful care, love and attention.

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