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Jomese Oriental Queens


I have decided the time has come to dip my toe in to the world of Orientals. I hope to become a probationer judge of Orientals and I shall hugely enjoy learning from and about my two girls. Please meet:

CH Serapis Queen-Of-Hearts

CH Serapis Queen-Of-Hearts who is an Oriental Black Tortie, bred by my good friend Helen Elliott and sired by Helen's GRCH Jomese Pazzazz At Serapis, a son of IGRCH Jomese Just-Delicious.

Lily is a very striking girl with bright green eyes and an exceptionally sweet temperament. This weekend at the 2016 Siamese and Balinese Cat Club Show she gained the title of Champion and her first Best in Show Oriental Adult award.


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Maisie is an Oriental Longhair blue spotted tortie tabby variant and was born on 22.05.13. She was bred by my good friend, the very knowledgable Pippa Browning and I cannot thank Pippa enough for trusting with this wonderful kitten. Thank you also to the lovely and very thoughtful John Bunyan and to Clare Whitby who bred Maisie's mother and was happy for her to come to me. Maisie's mum is Mimizali Damselfly 62 43hsv and her father is the exceedingly handsome import Gideon Barvaz Cattus 61atv. Maisie is very pretty with a beautifully balanced head and very attractive blue stripes and spots with some tortie mingling thrown in. She has settled in very quickly and it feels as though she has been here for ever already.

Pippastro Blue Maefly 62 20gv

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Sarnau Misstral (62 18bv)

Ruby is a silver chocolate spotted tabby Oriental Longhair Variant (62 18bv).

Her father is IGRCH Jomese Just-Delicious and her mother is Pippastro Silver Mystique. She was bred by my good friend, John Bunyan and I will be ever grateful to him for his ongoing support and kindness.

Ruby is a very pretty and feminine kitten with an extremely sweet and gentle nature. She is a good chocolate colour with a myriad of gorgeous spots and a silky smooth coat. At Ruby's first two back to back shows (SCSBE & SPSCC) on 15.02.14, her very first outing, she won 1st and BOB at both shows and was BIS Oriental Kitten at the SCSBE Show.

I very much look forward to showing and breeding with Ruby in the future.

Ruby gave birth to 6 beautiful babies in July 2014. She is quite a small cat but gave birth to 6 whoppers without batting an eyelid. Again she was an exemplary mother bringing up lovely big, well fed and very beautiful babies. Their father was the handsome and much missed Babadag Blue Bayou. All 6 babies were different colours and included one Siamese and 5 Orientals. All of Ruby's babies are now sold.

One of Ruby's babies

jomese siamese cat breeders

Jomese Jungleface Jake
Jake is the latest addition to our household. He is the son of Spicesiam Cinnfully Jomese and IGRCH Jomese Just-Delicious and is an Oriental Red. I think I fell in love with him the minute he was born on 4 th June 2014 and I just couldn't bear to part with him. He has a huge personality and an equally huge purr and is a wonderful, if extremely naughty, lap cat. He has been neutered and will be my pet and companion and may possibly dip his toes into a bit of Household Pet showing. Jake is also a great uncle to our younger kittens and has unending patience with them. He plays with them, washes them and cuddles them!
We also think that he is incredibly handsome!!!

Jake entered the Household Pet section at the Kernow Show on 28th March 2015, aged just 9 months, for the very first time and not only took first and Best in Class beating some very good cats, but went on to take Best Pedigree Pet and then Overall Best in Show Household Pet!!!

Jake has gained the title of Master Cat in three straight shows along with two overall Best in Show titles

Jomese Jungleface Jake



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