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Jomese Siamese Queens

Sarnau Stefanna 32t2

Gracie is blue tortie tabby point. She has beautiful soft blue markings and deep blue eyes. She is a very talkative little girl and comments on everything that goes on. She also likes to be involved in everything. She has an exceedingly sweet nature and loves everyone, be they cat or human. Gracie was bred by my great friend John Bunyan and is out of Mylynn Missarnau and fathered by GRCH Mariol's Rayon de Soleil. She was born on 26th May 2013 and has won two of her three kitten classes to date. Gracie is already calling and will hopefully have some babies in the summer.

Sarnau Stefanna - Gracie had 6 babies with Jomese Just-Delicious in June 2014 and was a fantastic mum, sharing kitten raising duties with her sister Susie. All her babies are now sold bar one who contracted encephalitis aged 9 weeks and very nearly died. He has some residual brain damage but is doing really well.

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Sarnau Suzianna

Sarnau Suzianna is a seal tortie tabby and the litter sister of Sarnau Steffianna. Susie is a very quiet and thoughtful girl but very affectionate once she gets to know and trust you. She was quite a plain kitten but has come on in leaps and bounds. She is a lovely big, well grown girl - but with a tiny little miaow. She and her sister are like chalk and cheese but get on like a house on fire.

Sarnau Suzianna also had 6 babies with Jomese Just-Delicious in June 2014. Despite being quite a nervous cat normally she really thrived on being a mother and could quite often be found minding 12 babies whilst Gracie stretched out and did what she is best at - looking beautiful!

All of Susie's babies bar one have now gone to their new homes.

jomese siamese cat breeders

Gr Ch Flowerdew Annifrid

(gaining her title in three straight shows and taking Best in Show Adult in two of those shows!)

Flowerdew Annifrid is a seal tortie point Siamese, 32b1. She was bred by my good friend Barry Grey and is the great granddaughter of my original breeding queen, CH Sunsational Anastasia. She bears a distinct resemblance to her great aunt CH Jomese Jenni-Lotsaspots and is a very stylish and elegant young lady with large, beautifully set ears and lovely deep blue eyes. Her coat is very short and close lying and she has warm seal points that are starting to become mottled with shades of red. Bootsie is a very gentle and affectionate little girl who gets on particularly well with her sister Tasha and her spotty friend, Ruby.

Flowerdew Annifrid (Anni) had 3 gorgeous little seal babies in October 2014 with CH Thaistar Trailblazer. These were the first babies for both Eirrish and Anni. We have 2 girls and a boy and all are doing well and have just started to eat for themselves. Anni is a fantastic mum and must have the cleanest babies babies ever!

Ch Flowerdew Annifrid's has gained a second Grand certificate at the Wilts & Wessex show 2015 and also took BIS Siamese Adult in both shows.

Congratulations to Anni on gaining the title of Grand Champion at the South Western Counties Cat Club Show in September 2015.

jomese siamese cat breeders

Ch Flowerdew Igotthecream

Flowerdew Igotthecream is a seal tortie point Siamese and is the litter sister of Flowerdew Annifrid. Both girls were born on 1st August 2013. Tasha got both her pedigree name and her pet name from her unusual markings which make her look as though she has a milky moustache! She is very different in looks to her sister but equally lovely. She is bigger and stronger looking than Bootsie but has a beautifully balanced head with large, well set ears and deep blue eyes. At present she does not have a great deal of red mottling but hopefully it will come. Tasha and Bootsie are out of Winnothdale Hotchpotch and fathered by one of my all time favourite cats UK & IGRCH Mylynn Montoya.

Very sadly, Flowerdew Igotthecream (Tasha) gave birth to babies a week early and sadly all four babies died.

Poor Tash was devastated and plucked out much of her coat and seemed deeply unhappy. As a last resort I put her in with the older kittens whose mums had gratefully left them to finish growing up. Tash has blossomed, looking after the kittens, washing and grooming them and delivering some much needed discipline. She has put on weight and is a much happier cat now.

Hopefully we will try again next year

Congratulations to Tasha for gaining the title of Champion and also being awarded Best in Show Adult at the Yorkshire County Cat Club Show on 14.11.15


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